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Amit Shvil- Do startup engenring

Cutting edge.
With a decade of professional experience employed in high profile
technology environments I have ripened into a trailblazing IT front runner.

Highly skilled techie.
My passion is coding and development and I’m active in the newest systems, apps and development software.
Equally excited building classic websites as I am constructing multifaceted new generation interfaces, I have leapt from strength to strength and amassed volumes of skills and knowledge throughout my career.

A troubleshooting leader.
I hold a unique flair for problem solving and an unparalleled ability to communicate with all kinds of people.
I truly believe that high quality projects are born out of the mutual exchange of ideas and I feel that listening to what people are really looking for is paramount in any exchange.

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Few of my technical skill

Full stack


technical leader





startup engineering


Startup engineering
it is understanding that product need to ship and fast. Its know that your product as well the the requirements will change . Its to have a plan for scaling. Its choosing the right tools/technology even if your are not familiar with them it been a part of a team that build product and not just an engineer.

It working with people and understand that you are myte be an expert in your field your co-worker are expert in their field


The humane factor is the most important one.

Moshe Shamy

I fist meat him Moshe Mogobe:2009

I had the plesure to work with amit, first of all i found a friend that i deeply fond and also i found a truly professional software developer that very commited and pashined to his work. Amit is a great guy to work with and i really felt that we worked together for the best of the company

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We work together- Compay: 2002

You could words here ...


My caries moves


CTO and Co founder Israel 2008 - 2012

It was the fist position that I took in the leading role. It was my thing leading all the technical aspect of the product from day one. I also to


Israeli branch manger Israel / San Francisco, CA / 2010 - 2012

Rocket Ninja is a social game developer and publisher focused on delivering deeper experience social 3D products. Established the Israeli development branch of the company. As Head of the Israeli branch I am responsible for managing the branch in both administrative and technical aspects. The Israeli branch focuses on developing core and infrastructure features that are generally more R&D oriented.

CTO Israel 2013 - Current

MaorBar Studio specializes in delivering high-quality Mobile Games and Apps for major brands in Israel and worldwide. Led the team towards the current trends in the gaming world: Cross platform Mobile Apps connected to social platforms (such as Facebook), using Adobe Air, Flash AS3 and Starling platform for strong GPU accelerated Apps.


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